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I am a highly motivated engineer who is able to bring key analytical problem-solving skills & solutions to any project I approach. I infuse my own creativity and style to keep team members focused and meet deadlines under pressure with a high success rate; and having exceptional communication and organization skills that are needed to successfully achieve any deadline set for a project. In my free time I’m contributing to many open source projects, playing my guitar, and occasionally playing some videogames.

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User/Developer Guides  
Development Tools ————–
VS Code Guide Xcode Guide
Windows Terminal Guide Bash/PowerShell Guide
DevOps Tools Guide Windows Subsystem for Linux Guide
GraphQL Guide CodeQL Guide
Unreal Engine Guide Unity Guide
Blender Guide Autodesk Guide
Steam Deck Guide Game Development Guide
Alpine Linux Guide PipeWire Guide
eBPF Guide Virtualization/Emulation Guide
Cloud ————–
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Guide Microsoft Azure Guide
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Guide IBM Cloud Guide
Oracle Cloud Guide SAP Cloud Platform Guide
OpenStack Guide VMware Guide
Cisco Guide HPE Cloud Guide
Salesforce Guide Adobe Experience Cloud Guide
HashiCorp Cloud Platform Guide DigitalOcean Guide
Linode Cloud Guide Networking Guide
Ansible Guide Terraform Guide
Telco 5G Guide Serverless Guide
Cloud-Native Guide SQL/NoSQL DB Guide
Big Data/Data Science ————–
Python Guide MATLAB Guide
Java Guide Scala Guide
R Guide Julia Guide
Apache Spark Guide Apache Hadoop Guide
Apache Hive Guide Apache Pig Guide
Apache Cassandra Guide Apache Lucene/Solr Guide
Apache Kafka Guide Apache Airflow Guide
Apache Arrow Guide Apache Beam Guide
Apache Storm Guide Apache Ignite Guide
Apache Flume Guide Apache Flink Guide
Hardware ————–
ARM64 Guide RISC-V Guide
Apple Silicon Guide GPU Guide
Advanced Matrix Extensions Guide Chip on Wafer on Substrate Guide
Solid-State Drive Guide Virtualization/Emulation Guide
Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Guide Firmware Guide
Robotics Guide FPGA Guide
VHDL Guide CPLD Guide
Digital Signal Processing(DSP) Guide LLVM/Clang Guide
Image Signal Processing (ISP) Guide MATLAB Guide
Internet of Things (IoT) Guide Raspberry Pi Guide
Arduino Guide LabVIEW Guide
Distributed Systems Guide Parallel Computing Guide
LiDAR Guide Quantum Computing Guide
Biometrics Guide Photonics Guide
C/C++ Guide Rust Guide
Assembly Guide Verilog/SystemVerilog Guide
AI/ML ————–
TensorFlow Guide PyTorch Guide
Keras Guide Apache Kafka Guide
Machine Learning Guide Deep Learning Guide
Reinforcement Learning Guide CUDA Guide
Natural Language Processing Guide Computer Vision Guide
Autonomous Systems Guide Expert Systems Guide
Robotics Guide CoreML Guide
Parallel Computing Guide Neuromorphic Computing Guide
Algorithms Guide Differential Privacy Guide
Apache Spark Guide Biometrics Guide
Biostatistics Guide Bioinformatics Guide
Python Guide MATLAB Guide
C/C++ Guide Java Guide
R Guide Julia Guide
Scala Guide JavaScript Guide
Haskell Guide Prolog Guide
Calculus Guide Linear Algebra Guide
Bayesian Statistics Guide Differential Equations Guide
Security & Privacy ————–
Open Source Security Guide Differential Privacy Guide
Networking Guide Blockchain Guide
Bioinformatics Guide Biometrics Guide
Digital Forensics Guide SQL/NoSQL DB Guide
Kali Linux Guide Parrot Security Guide
DevOps ————–
DevOps Tools Guide Grafana Guide
Windows Subsystem for Linux Guide Kubernetes Guide
OpenShift Guide Ansible Guide
Apache Spark Guide Apache Hadoop Guide
Docker Guide Agile Development Guide
Puppet Guide Chef Guide
Bash/PowerShell Guide Terraform Guide
Groovy Guide Clojure Guide
Perl Guide COBOL Guide
Operating Systems ————–
Windows 11 Guide macOS–iOS–iPadOS Guide
Windows 10 Guide Chrome OS Guide
Android Guide Fuchsia OS Guide
Linux Guide Ubuntu Guide
Pop!_OS Guide Debian Guide
Fedora-CentOS Stream-RHEL Guide SUSE Enterprise Linux-openSUSE Guide
AlmaLinux Enterprise Guide Rocky Linux Enterprise Guide
Linux Mint Guide elementary OS Guide
Zorin OS Guide MXLinux Guide
Arch Linux Guide BSD Guide
NixOS Guide Solus OS Guide
Web/Mobile Development ————–
Java Guide Python Guide
Ruby Guide PHP Guide
C# Guide .NET/.NET Core Guide
F# Guide Xaramin Guide
Swift Guide Kotlin Guide
Golang Guide Objective-C Guide
Elixir Guide Erlang Guide
SQL/NoSQL DB Guide WebAssembly Guide
GraphQL Guide CodeQL Guide
JavaScript Guide Ionic Guide
React Guide Cordova Guide
Angular Guide Vue.js Guide
Node.js Guide TypeScript Guide
Electron Guide jQuery Guide
HTML/CSS Guide Bootstrap Guide
Flutter Guide Firebase Guide
Dart Guide XML Guide
Vala Guide Shopify Guide
WordPress Guide Wix Guide
3D Graphics ————–
Unreal Engine Guide Unity Guide
Autodesk Guide Blender Guide
Game Development Guide 3D Graphics & Design Guide
Augmented/Virtual Reality Guide Photogrammetry Guide
CUDA Guide OpenCL Guide
Vulkan Guide OpenGL Guide
DirectX Guide Metal Guide
Qt Guide Wayland Guide
Lua Guide Linear Algebra Guide
C/C++ Guide Algorithms Guide
Differential Equations Guide Physics Guide
Audio/Video Content Development ————–
Audio and Video Editing Guide Podcasting Guide
Remote Workplace ————–
Working Remote Guide